Pierce County Soccer Association

Formally known as Tacoma Pierce County Junior Soccer Association (TPCJSA) we are now simply Pierce County Soccer Association. We serve to develop and promote the game of soccer among affiliated clubs and youth within the boundaries of Pierce County, WA.


Air Quality

PCSA follows the guidelines set by the state using information from the Department of Ecology for the state of Washington. If the air quality reaches 151, all play should stop immediately. When the air quality is 150 or lower, it is at the parent’s discretion if their player participates.

For the different categories and their descriptions Click The Air Quality Index (AQI).

To monitor current air quality, click AirNow and enter the zip code for the location of your game/activity.

RCL Rule Changes Effective October 13, 2022

The RCL (Regional Club League) announced due to player safety concerns the below rules will become effective immediately.

  1. Heading of the ball will not be allowed in age groups U12 and below
  2. Punting of the ball will not be allowed in age group U12 and below
  3. The build out rules will apply through the U12 age group.

In addition to the above, PCSA made the below change to their home league rules:

  1. Slide tackling is not allowed through the U12 age group.

32nd Annual FMESC Turkey Jamboree November 19th & 20th

It’s back and opened to recreational teams U7 through U12

Registration deadline is November 5, 2022

PCSA U11 and U12 Championship Games December 3rd

Washington Premier’s complex at 5702 44th St E. Puyallup WA 98371

  1. U11 games will kick off at 9:00AM
  2. U12 games will kick off at 10:45AM.

Our Objectives

  • To establish an administration to govern and direct the functions, operations, business, and all activities of this Association.
  • To encourage interested volunteer adult leadership to share their time and effort in behalf of the program, and to offer encouragement in this regard.
  • To provide a vehicle through which juveniles may expand their education and knowledge of the game of soccer beyond that which each might do individually.
  • To provide a program of well-organized, non-competitive and competitive, athletics helping to develop the physical, emotional, and social stability of the juveniles participating.
  • To establish uniform Policy and Procedures for Youth Soccer competition in this Association which are best suited to its own particular needs, giving full recognition to and being in accord with the underlying and basic principles set forth by F.I.F.A. Policy and Procedures established with particular recognition of safety, physical and emotional needs of our youth.
  • To develop the game in non-affiliated areas within the Association boundaries.
  • To represent this Association in all matters of organized Youth Soccer in Washington State.
  • Pierce County Soccer Association
    PO Box 1253
    Tacoma, WA 98401
  • 253-209-7779